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FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS. When we first began to dream about developing cutting-edge, high-performance road bikes we started as we do with most of our projects, with a blank piece of paper.

However, while the paper may have been blank, the knowledge base from which the designs came from was extensive. We’ve cut and stitched, molded and formed, machined and extruded, a variety of materials over the last 40 years to make a wide range of products that enable athletes to push the boundaries.

When you’re developing high-performance products you need to understand the properties of the materials you’re working with and the forces involved. In the early stages of development we used Finite Element Analysis extensively to investigate the structural performance of the bike frames and their response to dynamic loadings. This method considers the components of the frame as a mesh and mathematically determines the displacement of the nodes of the mesh under applied loadings so that the performance of the frames can be optimised for their design function.



We started this project like we do all our projects; with a blank sheet of paper, an open mind, and a desire to produce a game-changer. We don’t just want to compete. We want to leave the competition scratching its head, in a cloud of dust, wondering where it all went wrong. We believe we’ve got it right because we don’t do ‘normal’, and the end results are anything but.

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