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NEILPRYDE was founded by an Olympic sailor, whose original goal was to develop a better understanding of aerodynamics and how to manufacture sails that allowed him to go faster. For 40 years we’ve been working on harnessing the wind, and this understanding of aerodynamics has allowed us to bring a fresh perspective to our wind-cheating bike designs.

The underlying philosophies behind our aero designs are based on: Real World Aerodynamics: the understanding that when you’re out on the road the wind comes at you from many different wind angles, and very infrequently from 0 degrees (head-on). We design bikes that manage the wind through a wide range of yaw angles.

Variable Airfoils: the airflow around a frame varies according to the location. For example, managing the relatively laminar airflow around the head tube requires a different a tube profile compared to smoothing the turbulent airflow around the down tube coming off the rotating front wheel. Hence the utilization of a variety of airfoil profiles in our bikes.

Balanced Engineering: Aerodynamics are important, but race bikes also need to be light, stiff, responsive and have confidence-inspiring handling.

This approach has lead to designs and engineering solutions unique to NEILPRYDE bikes.



A truncated airfoil design in the down tube combined with the unique seat tube profile keeps airflow smooth around lower portions of the frame. The result: a drag reducing design that allows a stiff bottom bracket without the penalty of additional weight to achieve the required power transfer.


A number of models feature full Shimano Di2 electronic gear-shifting system integration. Internal cables and battery can be completely hidden inside a cavity, resulting in a cleaner, more aerodynamic design.


Variable tube profiles are optimized to reduce drag through a wide range of wind yaw angles and relative to the nature of the airflow at specific locations on the frame. Wider airfoil profiles are utilised to achieve the balance between aerodynamics and stiffness.


The wind impacts the handle bar before any other part of a frame, with a standard cockpit accounting for up to 15% of the total drag on a bike. The NeilPryde Aeroblade cockpit has been designed with an integrated stem, an aerofoil bar, and a narrower width to help the rider adopt a narrower frontal profile, which decrease the overall aerodynamic drag on rider and bike.