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The razor-sharp triathlon bike.
An aerodynamic, responsive and comfortable racing machine designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA using sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, extensive wind tunnel testing and input from the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team's TT specialists, BAYAMO is fast and trim, meeting the highest standards for aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort.

BAYAMO features NEILPRYDE's unique Kamm-tail airfoil. While a traditional airfoil profile performs well at narrow yaw angles, it is inefficient at the wider yaw angles of up to 30° experienced by a rider during time trials and triathlons. The narrow profile and long trailing edge of a traditional airfoil are also structurally unsuitable for withstanding the dynamic forces of a powerful rider.

The NEILPRYDE Kamm-tail takes advantage of the phenomenon where the "tail" of the airfoil is truncated; cheating the wind into behaving like the truncated surface is still present and minimizing drag. The subtle chamfered trailing edge also reduces turbulence at wider yaw angles, dramatically improving aerodynamic performance.

The profile of the NEILPRYDE Kamm-tail airfoil is 10% wider than those found on other leading time trial bikes. This has the dual benefit of delaying flow separation, further reducing drag, and providing an inherent shape that is up to 60% stiffer than traditional airfoils.

The result is a frame that balances aerodynamic performance with the stiffness to weight ratios necessary for a professional level race machine.

Test Reports

September 2014

"Probably one of the most user-friendly tri bike’s tested."

Read full review (PDF)
Read full review (external link)

August 2014

"For their first time trial bike, NeilPryde enlisted the technical expertise of BMW Group Designworks USA and the experience of sponsored pro riders."

Read full review (PDF)

February 2013
"Perfilada por el viento"

Read full review (PDF)

June 2012
"The Bayamo was first spotted at Interbike as a prototype and is designed to offer the dual package of aerodynamics and stiffness."

Read full review (external link)


Ultimate Aerodynamic Performance

  • Deep section head tube for improved aerodynamics and management of laminar airflow, combined with the subtle integration of the Kamm-tail airfoil in the down tube to manage turbulent airflow from the rotating front wheel.

  • Chamfered trailing edge of the Kamm-tail airfoil in the down tube dramatically improves aerodynamics and decreases drag at wider wind angles.

Kamm-tail Integration

The Kamm-tail is seamlessly integrated into the trailing edges of the fork, seat tube and seat stays, further increasing stiffness-to-weight ratio and improving aerodynamics.

Power Transfer

Down tube is 10% wider than those found on other leading time trial bikes, and results in an inherent shape that is up to 60% stiffer than traditional airfoils.


BAYAMO delivers punchy performance beating the Cervelo P3 in independent wind tunnel testing by 00:59s (at 25 wind angle) and a whopping 01:42s (at -25 wind angle) over 40km at 40km/h.

Drag data based on 40km @ 40km/hr. Data collected at the FASTER wind tunnel, comparing like-for-like NEILPRYDE BAYAMO and CERVELO P3.


PU Molding in head tube and bottom bracket shell ensures high tolerance control of wall thickness.

Internal cabling for mechanical or Shimano Di2 ready.

Specific carbon lay-up in the rear triangle ensures a more compliant ride than traditional Triathlon/TT bikes.

1-1/8 upper and 1-1/8 lower bearings.

Three bolt bottle mount for reduced drag with lower position when using one bottle.

Carbon fiber headset cups and front/rear dropouts.

Press Fit 30 bottom bracket.

Horizontal rear dropouts contain a grub screw for accurate setting of the rear wheel position in relation to the sculpted seat tube.


RedDot Design Award 2012

iF Product Design Award 2012

Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design award 2012

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